15 lb "Cotton" Weighted Blankets

Weighted Blankets with Full Zipper System

At Serenity Engineered™, we follow a two-part design for our products. This consists of a weighted blanket alongside a cover that can be detached from the blanket. The zipper system allows for easy attaching and detaching the blanket from its cover while maintaining the weighted blanket in a perfect position when zipped in. With our zipper system, you no longer have to worry about ties breaking off, coming loose, blanket bunching up or the weight shifting around.

The 15 lb weighted blankets are among the most popular options offered within Serenity Engineered™ blanket collection. Our products are manufactured using premium materials such as high-quality breathable cotton and 300 GSM cozy Minky fabrics giving. Our blankets amazing durability and making them an ideal choice for all seasons.

Our 60” x 80” 15 lb blankets are available in 3 beautiful colors; mauve, grey and navy.  Priced at amazingly affordable rates and can be purchased online. Buy your Serenity Engineered™ blanket now!      

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