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Serenity Engineered™ Weighted Blanket


Our PATENT PENDING weighted blanket is designed by a team of American engineers.

After lots of research, development, design & countless prototypes, we believe we have come up with the finest heavy weighted blankets on the market. Our innovative weighted anxiety blankets are the first of their kind! But since we are rather humble engineers & do not like to toot our own horn (except for the toot horning ritual we hold every day - just kidding!), here is why we believe our Serenity Engineered™ weighted blankets are literally the WORLD’S FINEST WEIGHTED BLANKETS:

15 lb Weighted Blanket


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Weighted Anxiety Blanket


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LOVE my new Weighted Blanket!! Its Well worth the price for the amazing new design & incredible quality they offer


What first caught my attention about this blanket was the fact that it was designed by a team of engineers and they were using zippers to attach the blanket to its cover. I thought to myself what a great idea!!! I could not wait to see what that was all about. So, I went ahead and ordered it and I just could not be happier. I have tried several of my friends’ weighted blankets in the past & this is hands down the best. I’ve never slept better in my life. I love it so much that I am going to buy one as a Christmas gift. One thing I immediately noticed about this blanket was that the zippers kept the weighted blanket in place!!! Finally!!! All the other blankets I have seen use ties trying to do the same thing. Now imagine 15 pounds hanging from a few threads, literally! Of course the ties will eventually come loose or break. But with this new design, the blanket essentially becomes one with its cover. The other nice feature I discovered was that I could not feel or hear the beads inside those small squares. Those prevented the weight from shifting when I moved. I also love the huge 60x80 inch size. It’s actually large enough that I can share it with hobby.
Last but not least, the price is unbeatable!! You get a premium weighted blanket, a cotton cover & an ultra soft minky cover as a bundle. By the way don’t even think about buying a weighted blanket without a cover. It will eventually get dirty and I cannot imagine trying to wash a 15 lb blanket in a washing machine.Bottom line, this is the best weighted blanket the money can buy. If you want a quality blanket, then look no more. I just hope they offer other color choices soon. I'll be on the lookout Serenity Engineers.!! Hopefully a PINK ONE for me soon!!


BEST WEIGHTED BLANKET EVER – Comfy & Cozy & Helps Me Sleep Better Than Ever


had been looking and trying to purchase a weighted blanket for a while. Every time I ended up not buying since there seemed to be a sea of weighted blankets that looked exactly the same with same covers, same weighted blankets but with prices that were all over the place. Then when I was searching again the other day from the corner of my eye I saw Serenity Engineered Weighted blanket winking at me with their signature blue and orange zippers and I go, what is that??? Their weighted blanket comes with a cotton cover and a super cuddly minky cover. But for me the most interesting feature of the blanket was their unique zipper system. I thought to myself, finally I found a weighted blanket that is totally different from the rest. They have come up with a clever and efficient way of securing the blanket to its cover instead of using ties. So, I immediately ordered one of their sets. When I received my blanket, I was pleasantly surprised to see that both their covers had continuous zippers all around so I could completely open the cover. The second pleasant surprise was a set of zippers on the inside to connect the blanket to the cover with ease. With those inside zippers, there is no way for the weighted blanket to move or come loose. The product designers in this company really knew what they were doing. Also they seem to have a good sense of humor if you read the instruction manual that comes with the blanket. They give great instructions and background but in a really funny way. It put a smile on my face.

I have been using this blanket everyday now and am extremely happy with it. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for an exceptional quality along with new innovation in a weighted blanket.


Great Value For The Price - The Zipper System really works!!! I’m Really Happy With it- Look No More!!


This is my first weighted blanket and I must say I was blown away. I did extensive research online & compared all my options. Boy, there is a lot to choose from but this blanket stood out the most. I read a lot of complaints about how the other weighted blankets were attached to their covers with a few ties and how those ties kept breaking off or coming loose and blankets moving around inside the covers. So I found out that the Serenity Engineered blankets are the only ones in the market that come with a cool zipper assembly inside. You are able to fully open the duvet and place the weighted blanket inside and then secure it using full length zippers. This makes sure the blanket is not going anywhere (please see video). Its workmanship is implacable & is made out of really nice material. The Minky cover is nice and thick and super soft & Cozy. I keep touching it over and over again lol. The cotton cover also feels like premium quality. The blanket size is 60 “x 80” more than enough to cover me comfortably and still large enough for two people. The blanket covers my entire queen size bed. To top it all off, I also noticed the squares in the blanket are only 3” in size & they said that it translates to about 500 squares which helps distribute the weight evenly. I used the blanket the first night I received it and slept like a baby. No tossing and turning like I always do. It hugged me like a glove & calmed me down. The feeling is indescribable. It definitely helps me get a full night sleep. I highly recommend this blanket to anyone who is looking to get a great sleep. Don’t look any further, this is the best weighted blanket out there! Last but not least: To eliminate the need for washing your weighted blanket, they have included 2 covers! What a fantastic deal for the price!!Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.


Best weighted blanket I've found


I bought a weighted blanket for my son years ago that he has outgrown. I had a love/hate relationship with it. It was much smaller than this blanket and only 10 pounds. It was super soft and made of a minky chocolate brown fabric but that wasn't a cover. Needless to say when a little boy is the one using it it gets very stinky. It was so hard to get it clean and scent free. I've always wanted one for my bed but because of the hassle of cleaning the other one I was very reluctant. Once I saw this one with two covers and a zipper enclosure I was on board. The relatively low price made me order immediately. I can't say that the plastic zippers will last forever but they definitely do what their intended to do right now. I love that you don't get heavy spots like on the old one and that it doesn't make me too hot when I'm sleeping. Dh was a little reluctant but he's been sleeping much better since we started using it. If you're in the market for a weighted blanket I haven't found a better option than this one and with the size and two covers that fully zip onto and then around the blanket you would be hard pressed to find one at a better value.

Bob W.

Life Changing Blanket!!!


I got this for my son, who has autism. He relaxed instantly after using it the first night. He uses the outer textured side to rub as he’s going to sleep. It’s easy to zip open and close and it’s big enough to cover my sons queen size bed. Tha blanket is life changing!!! Thank you.

Samantha Burge

Look no more - this is it!


Like the other reviewers, I liked the fact this weighted blanket had 2 covers and the smaller 3” squares holding the beads in place. I almost went with another brand, but IIRC, the squares were 8”... I can just imagine how much those would shift around. I didn’t get a weighted blanket so that I’d have to shake it out everyday before using it. And the zipper system is genius! Wasn’t hard to do all by myself. The blanket came with the minky cover on it already, but I live in the hot, humid south so I switched to the cotton cover right away. I’d say it took me 10 minutes to take off the minky cover, make sure I had the blanket aligned correctly (there’s only 1 way that the zippers work) and put on the cotton cover. With 2 people I’m sure it would be faster. The first night I slept very well and I have a torn rotator cuff, which usually wakes me up whenever I move & then it takes me a while to fall asleep again because of the pain. With this blanket, I think I moved once and had no problem going right back to sleep. Wish I could afford to give this as presents...Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

M. E.

Wonderful Product


Wonderful product, great quality and service.


Buy this blanket, you won't regret it!!!


I love this blanket!!!! After two months of research on weighted blankets this became my #1 pick. Research on the company shows this is a company that stands behind their product. It is made in the USA and the ship times are very quick. The blanket itself is really well made with stitching that is great and zippers inside and out providing an easy removal of the cover and also keeping the blanket from scrunching up on the inside. The mink cover feels nice to the touch and is not overly warm. I am writing this review, which I never do, because this is the best blanket and company. Many cheaper blankets are on the market but they do not compare in quality. Spend the extra money and you will be happy you did.

Cheryl Little

Excellent weighted blanket with 2 covers!


Great weighted blanket! I did a lot of research into different blankets and chose this one because it has small squares to keep the weight from bunching up and because it came with 2 covers that zip in (vs having ties that fray and break). I have used it for a week or so and I love it! The minky cover is very soft and it feels great to sleep with this blanket!