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Serenity Engineered™ Weighted Blanket


Our PATENTED weighted blanket is designed by a team of American engineers.

After lots of research, development, design & countless prototypes, we believe we have come up with the finest heavy weighted blankets on the market. Our innovative weighted anxiety blankets are the first of their kind! But since we are rather humble engineers & do not like to toot our own horn (except for the toot horning ritual we hold every day - just kidding!), here is why we believe our Serenity Engineered™ weighted blankets are literally the WORLD’S FINEST WEIGHTED BLANKETS:

Version 2.0 is Now Released!!

Since the release of this video, we launched the 2.0 version of our patented weighted blanket. This updated version features a single, continuous zipper to attach the blanket to its cover, eliminating the need for 4 separate zippers.

Great News! we have now added King-Size 80"x87" blankets and duvet covers to our collection.


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Absolutely Amazing


I can't say enough about this blanket. I bought one from Walmart it was simply ok the beading shifted in the blanket. This blanket is amazing. I am a retired Veteran with many deployments under my belt. I am prescribed sleeping pills but they don't work. With this blanket, I was able to sleep and stay asleep without night terrors for the first time in 5 years. I took a nap in the middle of the day without jumping straight up when someone made a nose. I plan to but another to travel with when I visit family. It is well made and the beading doesn't shift even when it hangs off the bed. It is soft and very durable. The zipper on the blanket locks everything in place. I could go on and on about this blanket. For me, it gives me the temporary peace I need to get a good night's sleep.

Chelle D

Tell your friends!


Tell your friends! Let me just say this I’m a doctor a family crisis and I care about people very much and I have found this blanket to be something I can recommend to my patients. Some people have emotional support animals, but if you don’t this will be the next best thing. Because of the small squares per square foot they hit the pressure points that you need with uninterrupted fluidity. All my patients I recommended it to have said nothing but great things about it. Thank you for making this blanket it has changed the way I sleep ,-)

Dr. D.

I love this blanket!!!


Before purchasing this weighted blanket, I did a lot of research of details and reviews for a variety of brands and price ranges, and that research was worth it.
A few of my favorite things:
1) the zipper duvet concept keeps the blanket covered and evenly held in place - SO smart!!!
2) the smaller 3" inch glass bead pocket size keeps the beads evenly dispersed; in fact I haven't notice any shift of beads yet ... and I have had a month of use so far.
3) the minky duvet / cover is so soft and very warm, (I imagine I will get the cotton cover for Summer months)
4) the 15lb seems pretty heavy when carrying the blanket, but doesn't feel too heavy while sleeping under it.
5) and best of all: my sleep is less interrupted as I don't toss and turn nearly as much, going from 6 hours of sleep per night before having the blanket, now up to 7, and sometimes 8 hours, a night with the blanket. That alone made this a great purchase!

With Christmas coming, I am considering a few of these as gifts for my family members.

A. M.

Best Blanket!!!


This weighted blanket is amazing!!! The smaller squares really do make a difference. I have another weighted blanket that has large squares and the pressure becomes too much throughout the night and causes anxiety and pain and I have to take the whole thing off. I never have pain or anxiety with this one. It's perfect!! The cotton cover is a must for summer too.


A no "fuss" blanket weighted blanket


i love the zipper option for the blanket, such a great idea, you dont have to worry about the cover coming loose and adjusting it every time you use the blanket. In addition the small quilted pockets inhibit the blanket from bunching to one spot, it stays evenly distributed. The material is very soft and good quality. Although the blanket was an investment, it was well worth it, snuggling on the couch and sleeping has never been more comforting

A. C.

Brilliant Design!


Love the quality of this blanket! I have researched which blanket I wanted to purchase my son for quite some time. This is the only blanket that I have found with 3 inch squares. The 3 inch squares prevent excessive shifting of the weighted material, and allows more weight to be distributed over the person sleeping rather than off to the side of the blanket. In addition, the inner weighted blanket is zippered to the duvet. Reviewers of other weighted blanket manufacturers have mentioned that the ties, typically used to attach the blanket to the duvet, break due to the weight of the blanket. The zippered design on this blanket insures that the blanket stays attached so the weight doesn’t shift. I just ordered a second one for my daughter.
One note, it only comes with the minky duvet. If you want the duvet for cooler sleeping you will have to order that directly from the company. Brilliant design! Thank you!

David Rovin