Cotton Duvet Covers

The Perfect Duvet Cover


While our weighted blankets are machine washable, we know that washing a 10-lb, 15-lb or 20-lb weighted blanket, on a regular basis, is definitely not for the faint at heart.  This is why, every single one of our weighted blankets comes with a Minky cover to help keep your blanket clean.

Although the dotted texture and silky softness of our Minkly covers are totally lovable, we knew we also needed to find that perfect cooler alternative for those who are hot sleepers.  So, we searched high and low until we found the perfect high quality Pre-Washed and Pre-Shrunk 100% cool cotton fabric. 

Cotton fabrics are naturally absorbent and incredibly breathable.  So, it can serve as the perfect choice to moderate your body temperature while absorbing any excess moisture and help you to stay cool throughout the night.

As an added bonus, our duvet covers make the daunting task of keeping your weighted blanket clean, a thing of the past.   Simply detach the duvet cover from the weighted blanket by unzipping the blue zippers and follow the laundering instructions – it’s that easy!!

Our innovative cotton duvet covers come in 2 different sizes.  They are designed to perfectly fit our 40 x 75 (twin size) or 60 x 80 (queen size) weighted blankets. So, please feel free to order your 100% cotton duvet cover based on the size of your Serenity Engineered weighted blanket.

And One last thing: As much as we’d love for everyone to have one of our cotton duvet covers, they can ONLY be used with Serenity Engineered™ weighted blankets. That is because, the blue zippers inside our cotton covers can ONLY engage with the blue zippers of our Serenity Engineered™ weighted blankets. Our duvet covers do not have any ties/loops to secure them to other weighted blanket brands (who needs ties when you have zippers anyways?)

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