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About Us

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Serenity Engineered™ Weighted Blanket is created to use deep touch pressure therapy to help with a variety of issues. It soothes children and adults suffering from restless leg syndrome, sensory disorders, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress, just to name a few. Our blankets are custom made for draping over your shoulders or lap for a calming effect in the daytime or to cover your body at night in order to get that valuable eight hours of sleep.


How We Began

20 lb weighted blanket

The vision for our weighed blanket was born out of necessity. Our founder, Abraham, spent years suffering from chronic insomnia and anxiety. It all began when he was just a child, when a mysterious stomach illness would have him hospitalized for months at a time. Though never really discovered, perhaps it was due in part to his being born at just 32 weeks. He would eventually recover and get to go home but unfortunately, the time he spent recuperating also cultivated his anxiety. Even when safe in his own bed, young Abraham would have sleepless nights caused by the anxiety and ever-present fear of hearing the nurses’ footsteps and of the impending possibility of getting another shot or having to endure another set of tests. 

Abraham’s issues with anxiety grew worse as he got older and progressed in school. While he excelled in the academics, he hated taking tests. The pressure of taking those exams gave him such anxiety that he would have repeated episodes of nausea, vomiting, and eventual hospitalization.

Despite these drawbacks, he finished high school & went on to college, earning his bachelor’s and graduate degrees to become a mechanical and structural engineer. He worked in restaurants and tutored students in math and physics to pay his college bills & when free, enjoyed fishing and camping all over the Midwest. Although his insomnia and anxiety remained, he just considered it part of his normal life.

After college, he went on to become a successful entrepreneur and designer of numerous consumer products. Despite his productivity, he never slept more than three or four hours a night which prompted his wife to jokingly call him a vampire and to lovingly encourage him to get some beauty sleep.

That affectionate encouragement led him to eventually wonder if getting a full night’s sleep was within the realm of possibility for him. So he began searching for ways to try to calm himself down and reduce his anxieties, in hopes that this would lead to a better sleep. Abraham tried a variety of methods, from yoga and meditation to mind games and counting sheep – even changing his diet. But nothing ever seemed to work, leaving quality sleep out of reach.

His doctor advised him to just take sleeping pills. But a fan of alternative medicine and natural remedies, he expanded his research on how to address his anxiety & insomnia with these methods. That research eventually led Abraham to find articles about weighted blankets.

Armed with this research, Abraham went on to work on making his own weighted blanket. Unfortunately, Abraham's engineering skills didn’t extend to his sewing abilities. So after unsuccessful efforts, he decided to instead buy a weighted blanket. After just a few nights using the weighted blanket, Abraham noticed a difference. He slept as many as five hours a night – more than he had done in many, many years.

Despite this success, it wasn’t long before Abraham began noticing imperfections with his weighted blanket. For starters, it contained plastic pellets for the weights, and the sound of them shifting in the pockets of the weighted blanket would wake him up. Plus, that shifting caused the blanket to bunch so the weight wasn’t being distributed evenly – therefore not enabling the blanket to do the job it was designed to do. Soon after making this discovery, he woke up in the middle of the night to discover that his weighted blanket had become completely detached from its ties inside the cover. This left the blanket bunched up at the bottom of that cover, which left him with no weight at all covering his body.

This led Abraham to wonder what the point of having a weighted blanket was if he wasn’t able to keep the weight in its place. So he bought another weighted blanket – this time a different brand – in the hopes that this one would not have those issues. But to no avail.


Necessity Breeds Invention

adult weighted blankets

Since Abraham is a natural inventor at heart, he returned to his research and the original blanket he had tried his hand at making. But this time, he was determined to solve the problems he found with other weighted blankets. He spent night after night adjusting, cutting, tugging, pulling, drafting and developing solutions to these problems.

This time with the aid of his wife, also an engineer, they spent months researching the solutions and developing several prototypes. Those efforts finally paid off when they came up with their own, perfected version of a weighted blanket. To ensure the quality of the blanket’s construction, they enlisted a professional seamstress to put it together using their auto cad drawings.

Their innovative new weighted blanket resolved all the issues Abraham had encountered when using weighted blankets filled with plastic pellets. They did this by instead filling their weighted blanket with tiny glass beads. These beads were so small that they resembled sugar crystals. So, even when the blanket moved, the weights made no noise. Plus, the smooth, nonporous surface of the beads, as well as their round shape, made them hypoallergenic. That’s because germs and dirt had no place to grip and get trapped. So not only was the blanket quiet, it was also more hygienic.

But the innovations didn’t stop there. They also addressed the issue he had with weighted blankets shifting within their covers – yet another issue making them ineffective. To solve this problem, they engineered a full zipper system to attach the weighted blanket to its cover. This would ensure the blanket stayed in place & secured to its cover.

They also successfully tackled the problem of weights within blankets shifting and bunching, which was yet one more issue that kept the weighted blankets from being fully effective. Their solution was to reduce the size of pockets holding the weights by more than half of their traditional size. Instead of typical 7” x 7” pockets found in other blankets, their weighted blanket contained 3”x3” pockets. That size reduction multiplied the number of pockets, so that a 60” x 80” blanket that once held an average of 80 pockets now held a whopping 500 pockets. As a result, this innovative design enabled their blanket to provide more than six times better weight distribution compared to others – all without making the blanket too stiff.

Once they completed their vision, Abraham started using his new blanket. Each of his innovations proved to be successful. As a result, he was finally able to get a good night’s sleep he had longed for all these years. That precious sleep helped his body better deal with stress and manage his anxiety issues gifting him with a much better quality of life overall.


Sharing Success

While conducting his research, Abraham had learned that one in three adults in the United States, or more than a third of the nation’s population, suffers from some form of insomnia. He knew that wasn’t good, because medical studies show that lack of sleep can impact cognition & mood. It can even lead to heart ailments, stroke, and diabetes. With this knowledge, he realized he needed to share his weighted blanket innovation with the world so others could share in its benefits. Thus, Serenity Engineered™ Weighted Blanket was born.

Once they completed all their research and development, sourcing, manufacturing, and application for U.S. Patents, they were finally able to realize their vision of making serenity engineered™ weighted blanket available to everyone. Now children and adults alike can reap the benefits of the only blanket in the world with a patented full zipper system.

Serenity Engineered™ Weighted Blanket provides touch therapy necessary to manage sleep problems. But thanks to its ability to be noise-free, stay in place, evenly distribute weight, and stay hygienic, its benefits move well beyond Abraham’s original vision. It aids with the management of a number of anxiety issues, post-traumatic stress, a variety of depressions, sensory disorders, and nerve/muscle issues.