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What size weighted blanket is right for you?

queen size weighted blanket

The deep pressure stimulation a weighted blanket provides is a valuable, all natural, form of managing sleep disorders, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, depression, and sensory disorders in both children and adults. Our weighted blankets enables you to consistently get that necessary weight distribution with an innovative, Patented design that keeps them intact and clean for your overall health and peace of mind.

Whether it’s tossing and turning to get to sleep, struggling to manage the racing thoughts, breathing, and heartbeat caused by anxiety, or calming an agitated child dealing with autism, the issues heavy weighted blankets are designed to address can be huge.   However, the size of the weighted blanket that will ease those problems can be as small or large -- and weigh as much or as little -- as you like.  

A weighted blanket should cover you from your neck to your toes, so a rough guide is that it should be about 9 inches shorter than your height.  It’s well worth remembering that the parts of the blanket that aren’t not covering your body are basically wasted weight. 

Unlike regular bedding, weighted blankets are designed to address your sleep needs not as a decorative bed spread that extends to a bed skirt or the floor.  So, for a variety of reasons including cost, it’s best to limit the size of the blanket to just enough to comfortably cover your body.


A weighted blanket should be sized to fit your body – and your bed.

heavy weighted blanket

Weighted blankets most often come in three standard sizes -- king size, queen size, and twin size. Other size options are also available including teen size, California king size, and even custom sizes.  But be aware, although the sizes of adult weighted blankets and weighted blankets for kids are labeled like regular blankets, they are usually smaller than the standard by a few inches – and for good reason. 

A weighted blanket that hangs over the sides of your bed can cause it to slide off the bed, and on to the floor during the night.  A good rule of thumb is to size down from your mattress.  If you have a queen or full bed, get a twin size weighted blanket. If you have a king mattress, one person can get away with using full or queen size weighted blanket or king size weighted blanket.  Couples with a king size bed who both want to sleep under the same blanket could opt for a king size weighted blanket or queen size weighted blanket.

And remember, if you’re using a weighted blanket to address a physical or mental health condition, you should make sure to first discuss it with your occupational therapist, physician, or psychologist / psychiatrist. 

  • Mini Weighted Blanket Lap Pads 
    Would you like to take the comfort of a weighted blanket wherever you go? Look into getting a small or mini sized blanket.  Designed to provide deep pressure touch to one area of the body like the legs or chest or to add extra weight to a larger weighted blanket.   These very small lap pads typically weigh about 4 lbs and measure 14 X 22 inches or 18 X 30 inches.

    Far lighter and smaller than therapeutic weighted blankets used for sleeping, they are marketed for use by kids and adults as stress relieving aids to be used in the classroom, dorm, work, or chilling out on the couch.  In addition to using them on your lap, you can also drape them over your shoulders like a shawl when you’re reading or watching TV.  Mini weighted blankets are easy to pack and carry and can be used in the car or when flying to make travel more relaxing.
  • Teen Size Weighted Blankets
    Want go a little bigger than a mini but still want a weighted blanket that’s pretty portable? Consider getting a teen size blanket.    Significantly bigger than a lap pad size weighted blanket but smaller than a standard twin, teen size blankets measure 40 X 60 inches and are typically a good size for children aged 10 and over.  This size weighted blanket for kids won’t go over the edges of a twin size mattress measuring 38 inches wide by 75 inches long, so you don’t have to worry about it sliding into the floor during the night.  The teen size weighted blanket is also small and easy enough to carry for adults to use as a generously sized throw blanket on the couch, at the office or when traveling.
  • Twin Size Weighted Blankets 
    For those looking for a weighted blanked sized for serious sleep, the point of entry is a twin size blanket.  At a minimum, a weighted blanket that you are going to use nightly should cover your body from the neck down, without a lot left over.   Since they tend to keep you still during the night, unless you’re a restless sleeper you don’t need the blanket to be so big that it covers the whole bed.  For single person use, most adults can get away with a twin size cool weighted blanket regardless of the size of the bed they are sleeping in. 

    If you’re looking for a standard size twin weighted blanket, there really isn’t one.  The dimensions of twin size blankets can vary widely depending on the manufacturer.  Some twin size weighted blankets measure 42 X 72 inches or 48 X 78 inches.  Others come in a 40 x 75 inches size.  Twin size weighted blankets are perfect for older children sleeping alone in a twin size or single sized mattress and are big enough that they won’t grow out of them too quickly. Just make sure that they are comfortable with the amount of heaviness the weighted blanket brings to bear and that they can easily get out from under it if they want.  Always remember, don’t use a weighted blanket on children without adult supervision & consultation with a medical professional.

    For couples who sleep together in a larger bed but prefer different heaviness in weighted blankets, the twin size is also a good option.   One partner can choose a lighter weight while the other can enjoy a deeper pressure touch and both enjoy a restful night’s sleep with their choice of weight.

    And again, because all you really need is enough blanket to cover your body, a twin size can provide all of the soothing benefits of a larger cool weighted blanket at a more economical price point.
  • Full Size Weighted Blankets 
    If you are a bigger person or a twin size just seems too skimpy, opt for a full size cool weighted blanket. The standard dimensions of a full or what’s commonly called a double size bed is 53 X 75 inches which is just 15 inches wider than a regular twin size bed.   Full size weighted blankets can also be used on a queen or king sized bed to more than comfortably cover one person.    However, couples in a larger bed may find the full size too small.   

    If you are heavy set or very tall a full size weighted blanket may not be generously sized enough or too short to cover you from your neck to beyond your toes if you’re using it in a larger bed. In those cases, you might want to consider upgrading to a queen size even if you’re only going to be using it by yourself.
  • Queen Size Weighted Blankets
    Want to have room to really spread out or snuggle with your partner under the sleep-inducing comfort of a weighted blanket in a queen size or king size bed?  A queen size weighted blanket might be right for you.   A standard queen sized cool weighted blanket measures 60 X 80 inches and is the one most people choose. 

    It’s more than large enough to cover taller or bigger people. Plus, it has the advantage of more easily staying in place over your body if you are a restless sleeper who tends to toss and turn at night.  This size is also perfect for couples who sleep together and have the same weighted blanket preferences.

    Resist the urge to get a queen size weighted blanket if the bed you’re going to use it on is a teen, twin, or full size.  Its weight, your movements, and the force of gravity will inevitably cause a queen size weighted blanket to fall off a smaller size bed during the night.
  • King Size Weighted Blankets
    If you’d like to enjoy the rejuvenating effects of a peaceful night’s sleep in a really big way, you could try a king size weighted blanket for adults.

    With its generous dimensions of 80 x 86 inches, king sized cool weighted blankets could be a good option for king size mattresses, cuddling couples, and restless sleepers who want to make sure every inch of their body is covered the whole night through.  A king size weighted blanket can also be used on a California king size bed, but again avoid using it on smaller beds or you will find yourself hauling the blanket off the floor in the middle of the night.
  • Custom Size Weighted Blankets
    If you’re super tall, have an unusual sized bed or find that a standard teen, twin, king, or queen size weighted blankets just don’t meet your needs, you can probably find a manufacturer who will make one in a custom size.  Although a custom size weighted blanket will likely cost more, you can order one in whatever dimension that works best for you.

    Whatever size you choose, your weighted blanket is likely to get a lot of use.  So, the best weighted blanket for adults and kids should also be washable.  That way you can enjoy the calming comfort of the right size weighted blanket that’s clean, fresh, and welcoming every night of the week.