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How To Use A Weighted Blanket?

weighted blanket 20 lb

There are no set ways of using a weighted blanket. Please use yours how it works best for you.

Here are just a few ways we can suggest:

a) You can use the weighted blanket on top of your own regular blanket, duvet or comforter, covering you from chest to your little toes, or

b) You can use the weighted blanket by itself, or

c) You can place the weighted blanket only on the lower half of your body, or

d) You can fold and use the weighted blanket from your knees down to help with restless legs, or

e) Place it on your lap while watching a good old movie, or

f) Wrap it around your shoulders while having a take-out Chinese food & wondering what the fortune cookie will say.

Bottom line; don’t be afraid of playing around with your weighted blanket to discover the best position that works for you.