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How Our Weighted Blanket Differ From The Rest?

A weighted blanket is a great tool used as an aid in therapy for a number of issues. Sleep disorders are bad enough on their own, but they also directly impact other conditions, such as post-traumatic stress, restless leg syndrome, sensory disorders, and many different forms of depression.

Fortunately, a good weighted blanket provides just the right amount of pressure touch therapy to the body to help soothe these issues. That therapy equates to swaddling or a bear hug, which provides a calming sensation that makes managing sensory issues easier in the day and helps the user sleep peacefully through the night.

While there are numerous weighted blankets on the market today, not to mention DIY projects for making your own, our weighted blankets are different from the rest & here are some of the reasons why:


Revolutionary Patented Zipper System

Our weighted blanket is the only one on the market that includes our industry exclusive patented full zipper system that enables you to attach and separate the weighted blanket from its cover. This unique feature sets our weighted blanket apart by enabling it to stay in place until you remove it.

That’s thanks to our team of American engineers who designed a weighted blanket that you only need to zip and unzip. That means the weight of the blanket remains evenly distributed for complete pressure touch therapy any time you need it. You don’t have to worry about ties tearing up or the blanket getting bunched up into the cover. Instead, you’ve got a weighted blanket that’s always ready to use and always effectively providing you with the valuable therapy you need.


Superior Weight Filler Material

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If you’ve done your research, you know there are quite a number of options for filling a weighted blanket. Plastic beads and metal beads are common in manufactured weighted blankets. And diy’ers get creativity points for choosing anything from dried beans and sand to river rock and pebbles.

Unfortunately, all of these materials present problems. Organic materials can invite illness. And all of these materials can actually be uncomfortable, causing the weights to shift and the blanket to bunch. Plus, the size and makeup of these materials makes the blanket noisy, as opposed to soothing. If the weights can’t be reliable and effective, the weighted blanket can’t be a successful part of touch therapy. So what’s the point of using it?

That’s where our weighted blankets stand out. We fill them with tiny glass beads. Research has shown that these are the top choice for adding weight because they’re hypoallergenic, odorless, and non-toxic. That means you don’t have to worry about your blanket getting germs and making you sick.

Plus, our glass beads are just big enough to stay inside of the blanket, instead of escaping through the stitching. That means your blanket stays intact. So you don’t have to worry about replacing it for quite a long time.

The beads in our weighted blanket are still small enough to be quiet inside the blanket. They’re also mixed with cushiony filling for a perfect blend that keeps the blanket both quiet and fluffy. It’s a perfect combination for the most effective pressure touch therapy experience with a weighted blanket.


Optimum Pocket Size

15 lb weighted blanket

Most manufacturers create their 60” x 80” weighted blankets with 7” pocket squares which only equates to about 80 squares. This loose fitting leaves enough room for weights in those squares to shift, which can lead to bunching in the blanket and poor weight distribution & hence less effective therapy.

Our weighted blankets stand out because our 60” x 80” models are designed with 3” pocket squares which equate to a whopping ~500 pockets, this is the optimum size to hold weights in place for superior weight distribution and an exceptional pressure touch therapy experience. A lot of testing and design efforts led to this discovery and it’s all for your benefit.


The Most Luxurious Fabrics

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The fabric in a weighted blanket is just as important as its construction and the weights it holds. After all, for the pressure touch therapy to be effective, the weighted blanket should be soft to the touch and comfortable when covering the body. Our weighted blankets rise to the occasion with fabrics made of the softest minky and premium silky soft cooling MicroPeach.

The silky softness of minky is ideal for those needing a soft tactile. This 100% polyester fabric feels like fleece, only softer and fluffier. This makes for a much more plush blanket.

In addition to the cooling MicroPeach soft feel, this fabric is extremely breathable and durable. That means our blankets retain their shape, use after use. That means everything, since the integrity of a weighted blanket relies on the fabric’s integrity.

Both of these fabrics contribute to our weighted blankets’ ability to provide the calming pressure touch therapy that’s so important, all year round. The plush, cozy Minky fabric keeps the user warm in cooler months. Then the breathable cooling MicroPeach keeps the user pleasantly comfortable, even when it’s hot outside. It’s a win-win, all the way around – especially since comfort is the top priority.


Long-Lasting, Top Quality Construction

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In order for a weighted blanket to effectively provide pressure touch therapy, it has to be made well. That’s especially true when the user suffers from post-traumatic stress or sensory disorders, in which the blanket has to hold up against movement. Our weighted blankets meet, and exceed, that challenge with top quality construction.

That construction includes every minute detail, down to the thread we use to sew our weighted blankets. We only use high-tensile strength thread (in other words thread that’s extremely strong), when sewing our blankets and covers. That strength ensures that you receive a weighted blanket you can depend on to stay completely intact, use after use. We know that because we consistently test to make sure the integrity of our threads holds up, so you’ll always have a blanket you can depend on.


The Most Hygienic

It’s most likely that your weighted blanket will see plenty of use. And like anything else, you want to keep it clean. But that’s not always easy, due to its very nature and construction. But our weighted blankets differ from the rest, because they’re designed with your health in mind.

Our Engineered Cover: While some manufacturers create weighted blankets with no cover, we know this is essential to protecting your blanket against germs, dirt, and allergens. So instead of having to buy a separate cover later on, we make sure you have one included in our weighted blankets.

This eliminates the worry of whether your cover will fit your blanket, because each cover is custom made just for your own blanket. Our cover’s patented engineered zipper system also does away with the old tie and loop system, ensuring that your cover always stays snugly in place around your blanket. Not to mention the fact that when you want to wash your blanket, all you have to do is unzip the cover. It’s that easy.

Our Glass Bead Weight Fillers: While some manufacturers rely on plastic beads for filling weighted blankets, we know the health advantages of using glass beads. These tiny orbs are smooth, round, and non-porous. So there’s nowhere for germs or allergens to attach. This makes them the top choice in the industry for filling weighted blankets. And we won’t settle for anything less than the best.


You Get A Free Cover

20 lb weighted blanket

In most parts of the country, you adjust your wardrobe, according to the change of the seasons. You bundle up in sweaters and boots to stay warm in the winter. Then it’s shorts and flip-flops in the summer. So doesn’t it make sense that your weighted blanket should do the same?

Our weighted blankets stand out among the rest because we believe one blanket should be able to carry you throughout the entire year. That’s why we include a free silky soft Minky duvet cover with every blanket. For those cooler months, the plush Minky cover gives you that cozy, cuddly feeling that’s nothing short of the warm fuzzies. We also offer a cooling MicroPeach duvet cover (available to purchase separately) which is breathable enough to provide therapy without overheating the user, even when it’s hot outside. It’s also great for those who tend to get hot when sleeping.

Your comfort is our top priority, and we believe in going the extra mile to provide it. Your child may need a weighted blanket to help with sensory disorders throughout the day or may need the same weight to ensure a full night’s sleep. As an adult, you may suffer from insomnia, depression, restless leg syndrome, post-traumatic stress, or a sensory disorder. You may need a weighted blanket to help address these issues. Our weighted blankets are engineered to provide just the coverage you need with the highest level of comfort so you can finally enjoy sweet serenity.